Honey production in the vineyard near Callas and Le Muy in the Var

The Ruchers du Col Fleuri Producer of honey for 60 years 

Les Ruchers du Col Fleuri Honey producssssser for 60 years

The Ramella family is not only the wine of l’EOUVE but it is also a beekeeping family for 3 generations. A tradition of good taste for 60 years.

All the authentic flavor of Provencal honeys 

In the region of the Var (second French forest heritage)

In this region of Var, after a milder winter in the Massif des Maures and the Esterel, from the last flowers of Heather and Maritime Lavender, our 300 hives are gradually transmuted to our beautiful high flowed hills, far from cultures and man, allowing our bees to harvest only the best that nature can give us.

Our bees and our lush hillside allow us to offer you a large variety of honey as :

Lavender - Savory - Heather - Chesnut - Thyme -

And our all flowers honey composed with arbutus - Acacia - Rosemary

Sold in glass pot of : 1Kg – 500grs – 250grs – 125grs

We also offer pollen, royal jelly and mead. You can also discover in our store candy, gingerbread, and honey soap, alongside a large selection of health, fitness and well-being products!